Chaise cushion shown above is C-314D with P55 pillow, sette cushion is C-319D with P6 pillows, chair cushion is C-322D.
Left seat cushion above is C-55W2 with P6 and P3 pillows, bench cushion is C-55W1 with P10 , P3, and P22 pillows, right seat cushion is C-12 with P6 and P3 pillows.
Left seat cushion is C-84 with P3 pillow, loveseat cushion is C-82 with P6 pillows, right seat cushion is C-81 with P3 pillow.
Chaise cushion shown above is C-635D with P57 bolster pillow, left seat cushion is C-6R1, right seat cushion is C-6R2.
Chaise cushion is C-2208, high back chair cushion is C-2202, pillow is P3.
Chaise cushion is C-793 with P55 pillow, high back chair cushion is C-797 with P3 pillow.
Loveseat cushion is C-5DS08 x 2 with P56 pillows, chair cushion set is C-5DS08 with P56 pillow.
Chaise C-4AP2 with P58 contour headrest pillow and P57 bolster, high back chair cushion is C-4AP11 with P26 lumbar pillow.

Classic Universal Cushions

Our Universal collection is designed to accommodate a wide variety of furniture frames, and many collections can be altered for the perfect fit.

Hatteras Collection Cushions

Universal Hatteras Collection offers stylish knife edge designed cushions that accommodate most aluminum, wood, and PVC furniture.

Premium 200 Series Cushions

The Premium 200 series offers comfort and elegance! Designed to fit most aluminum, wood, and PVC furniture.


Universal Add-A-Pad Collection adds style and flair to aluminum sling furniture. Add-A-Pads are easy to store with their versatile design.

Wrought Iron Cushions

Universal Wrought Iron Collection accommodates most wrought iron furniture with a chic knife edge design.

Wood Cushions

Universal wood Collection provides firm support and a stunning way to enhance most wood furniture.

Promotional Pads & Round Cushions

Universal Promotional Pads are designed for resin, wood, and aluminum furniture. The posh promotional pads and round cushions provide all patios with unique style!

Euro Style Cushions

Universal Euro Collection can add a glamorous touch to any patio! Designed to accommodate resin, aluminum strap, and sling furniture.

Wicker Cushions

Universal Wicker Collection’s elegant design can fit most wicker furniture.

Cartridge Cushions

Universal Cartridge Collection provides a luxurious look and feel. Designed to accommodate aluminum, wood, and PVC furniture.

Deep Seating Cushions

Universal Deep Seating Collection can enhance any patio! The beautiful design can accommodate most deep seating furniture.

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